Saban Theatre

Beverly Hills, CA

The art deco Saban Theatre, originally the Fox Wilshire Theatre, opened in 1930 with a showing of the Marx Brothers “Animal Crackers,” and over the years has been the setting for movie premieres attended by Hollywood luminaries from Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  Built primarily for the movies, the theatre’s dressing rooms were modest both in size and design, and have been remodeled over time.

The current project is a complete redesign of the 2,500 SF space, to accommodate a larger “star” dressing room and Green Room, as well as additional dressing rooms and multi-purpose room. The design aims to bridge the years, recalling the original Fox Wilshire through color, materials, and detail.  The doors are mahogany, as they are in the theatre, designed with a faceted inset panel, recalling the faceting of the auditorium doors and the mirrors of the original Ladies Lounge.  A metal chair rail was similarly designed to echo the metalwork of the theatre, though in a more modern idiom.  And the original theatre colors, which included black and coral, are reflected in the color scheme for the new space.  Photo murals in the Green Room and Star Dressing Room further recall the illustrious history of the theatre.